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Falling Leaf Clearance Sale

Above is just a small taste of the amazing prices to be seen at the Vermont Bicycle Shop Falling Leaf Sale! We've been shopping all year for those special closeout priced items so that we can pass the savings on to you. We've also got a number of 2016 bicycle on hand, including a few remaining bikes from our Norco Bigfoot rental fleet.
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About Vermont Bicycle Shop

Vermont Bicycle Shop sells new and used bicycles. Vermont Bicycle Shop is a full service shop. Just minutes away from several well established bicycle destinations in the North Eastern United States including the Millstone Trails, Vermont Bicycle Shop offers service solutions and experience with the most high end, and technically advanced cycling products as well as a quick pump-up for the neighborhood kids' bicycles.

For Darren, the bicycle shop has always been a steward and ambassador to the community. Much in the same way as the mailman, the barber, and the baker, the bicycle mechanic seemed to him to be an important person, a role model. After moving to Vermont in the late winter of 2014 Darren felt ready to find a community and attempt to fill those shoes.

Vermont Bicycle Shop was registered as a business in 2014. Originally when Darren moved to Vermont he had planned to find a small community to open a bicycle shop and live. After moving to Barre Darren met the owner of a local bicycle shop and agreed to partner and run the store for a season.

The location at the top of Millstone Trails was scenic and made for a wonderful bicycle commute home, it was not an ideal retail location.

Vermont Bicycle Shop continues in the tradition of the local Vermont businesses in downtown Barre and Barre Town in serving the community. Vermont Bicycle shop offers community resources  and discounts to volunteers who serve the Millstone Trails Association and other volunteers in the surrounding community.

About Darren

Darren Ohl has worked and managed some of the country's most successful bicycle retailers. Darren has worked at the largest independent bicycle dealer in the country, Erik's Bicycles of Minneapolis. He has also worked for the one of the largest single location independent bicycle retailers, Orange Cycle of Orlando, FL. He managed one the oldest bicycle stores on the West Coast, Hutch's Bicycles.

Darren has extensive experience implementing new technologies to the bicycle retail sector. He has planned for and implemented new point of sales systems and computerized sales systems at several different bicycle retailers throughout the country both as an employee and as an independent consultant. Darren is also an internationally recognized and UCI certified bicycle race mechanic. He has traveled the world with professional bicycle racing organizations as a team mechanic. He has been the personal race mechanic for national champions and world champion contenders.

Darren is a certified fit expert with over 1200 bicycle fits under his belt. He has utilized and trained with many different fit technologies over the course of 15 years.

Darren enjoys leisurely road bike rides and all day mountain bike adventures. Darren has also been spotted at a few skate parks from time to time.

Most importantly, Darren is a contributing community member to Barre, VT where he lives with his wife, dog, and kitten. Most recently, he was elected to the Millstone Trails Association Board where he has volunteered the last two years.